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Mission in Action: Highlighting St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

A staff member works with children at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf.

Since 1837, staff, faculty and board members at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf (SJID) have worked to give our students who are deaf or hard of hearing the ability to communicate. When you enter SJID either in St. Louis or Indianapolis, you feel the overwhelming joy-filled call to service reverberate through the halls. SJID offers in-person services to our communities in addition to delivering virtual services using the iHear tele-therapy program. These services begin at infancy. Our goal is meeting the needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, allowing them communicate using a listening and spoken language approach.

We served more than four hundred children nationwide during our 2021-22 academic year. How did we accomplish this? We created programs that meet the needs of children, both in-person and virtually.

Our programs consist of:

  • Audiology services: For children from infancy to age 18
  • Early Intervention: Coaching parents to help their child develop language through listening in their natural environment
  • Preschool to first grade: Developing language that support curriculum
  • Mainstream consultancy: Working with children in their home or at school, either in-person or using iHear
  • iHear program: From infancy to age 18, giving families and children access to a specialist trained in developing language through listening.

We are proud to be a CSJ sponsored school and a solution for families of children with hearing loss!

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