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St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf

Mission statement

We deliver exceptional listening and spoken language solutions for children with hearing loss, reflecting the charism of the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet.

A brief history

A staff member uses her hands to interact with a toddler as they play with farm animal toys together.

Throughout our history, the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ’s) have focused on delivering more for children with hearing loss.  In 1934, the Sisters pioneered techniques of spoken language for children. When cochlear implants were introduced in 1980, a CSJ suspected the device would need rehabilitative support to be fully accessed by the wearer.  She developed a specialized curriculum for children with these devices, still in use today.  In 1985, Sr Arline established infant services in the natural environment of the child’s home, confirming her theory in the success of early intervention.

St Joseph Institute for the Deaf (SJI) continues the Sisters’ history of innovation by providing tele-therapy services, iHear, and collaborating with school districts around the country. Listening and Spoken Language (LSL), pioneered by the CSJs, continues to provide children around the world with outstanding results for their educational, social, and emotional futures.  We are proud to carry on their first mission of serving those who would otherwise be unserved. 

A staff member kneels down to interact with a young boy. He is wearing a hearing implement and holding a leaf.


Jeffrey Chapman


Katie Griffin

Human Resources and Mission Integration Manager

SJEM Mission Representative

Mark Bulanda

Chair, St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf Board of Directors