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Cara speaking at a podium during a meeting.
Cara McMahon, SJEM Executive Director

SJEM provides a calendar of events and meetings in order to assist our community with communication and updates. Please contact us with any questions about events of interest to you or your institution, as well as, any agenda items that you would like SJEM to address at Member meetings. Please provide agenda items at least 14 days prior to Member meetings noted in our calendar.

2023 SJEM Members:

Member Meetings (90 minutes)

  • June 16th in person beginning at 9am, Kansas City
  • November 6th at 2pm on zoom

Formation Sessions (60 minutes)

  • April 3rd at 2pm on Zoom
  • June 16th-17th in person Retreat, Kansas City
  • September 7th at 2pm on zoom

Executive Committee Meetings (flexible based on committee availability)

  • June 5th at 1:30pm – Reschedule needed based on SJEM Rome Meeting June 6th
  • October 25th at 1:30pm

Governance Committee (75 minutes)

  • May 19th at 10am
  • October 13 at 10am

Formation Committee (75 minutes)

  • May 19th at 11:30am
  • October 13th at 11:30am

Communications Committee (75 minutes)

  • May 19th at 1:15 pm
  • October 13th at 1:15pm

Finance Committee (75 minutes)

  • May 19th 2:45pm
  • October 13th 2:45pm

2023 Mission Representatives:

Mission Representatives Meetings (75 minutes)

  • March TBD
  • April 19th 2pm
  • May 17th 2pm
  • August 16th 2pm
  • September 20th 2pm
  • October 18th 2pm
  • November 15th 2pm