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Board Members

SJEM deeply values the contributions of the Board Members of each of our sponsored institutions and the contributions that you make to ensure the life of Catholic identity and flourishing of mission and charism for which you serve. We rely on your wisdom and commitment as you guide SJEM sponsored schools to be the best environments for learners to grow in faith, knowledge, relationships, and service who will then be change makers in the world furthering God’s unifying love.

On this page, you will be able to consistently access all of the information pertinent to your role as well as the documents necessary to ensure your responsibilities to SJEM as your institution’s Catholic sponsor. Of course, SJEM also welcomes any communication that you feel can assist us in better serving you and your institution. Here is a list of processes and SJEM services, at a glance, relative to our valued board members:

Required responsibilities & processes

Affirmation of new leaders (CEO, President)

  • The Board Chair of the Institution informs the Executive Director of SJEM that a search for a new leader is being conducted.
  • A member of SJEM is invited to participate on the Search Committee (if feasible).
  • The CVs and Mission Commitment responses of the finalist candidate(s) are sent to the Executive Director of SJEM.
  • SJEM members are invited to participate in the finalist interviews with the Search Committee either in-person or virtually or will schedule finalist interviews directly with SJEM members.
  • The SJEM Executive Director will provide the Institutional Board Chair the affirmation decision on behalf of the SJEM members.

Affirmation of New Board Members

  • The Institutional Board Chair submits CV and Mission Commitment Responses for any new Board member nominee to SJEM’s executive director to be reviewed by SJEM’s governance committee
  • SJEM executive director will provide, on behalf of SJEM, the affirmation decision to the Institutional Board Chair 

SJEM opportunities & support

Formation Programs

  • SJEM Executive Director will contact new Institutional Leaders to schedule formation activities. (Required)
  • SJEM Executive Director will work with Mission representatives to facilitate formation.
  • Institutional Board Chair or Leader or their delegates will contact the SJEM Executive Director to request formation program(s).
  • SJEM may provide, periodically, additional formation program(s) offered to any constituents interested from any of the sponsored institutions. 


  • Resources will be posted on the SJEM website, including materials to assist institutions with matters and processes pertaining to sponsorship by SJEM and informative materials to assist institutions in guidance on issues regarding Catholic identity and mission integration.
  • Institutional leader or Board Chair may contact the SJEM Executive Director to request specific resources.

Opportunities for Collaboration across Institutions

  • SJEM Executive Director may contact Institutional Leaders to establish SJEM special interest groups—Mission representatives, faculty, staff, etc.
  • Institutional Leaders may contact the SJEM Executive Director to request the establishment of a special interest group.
  • SJEM Executive Director will facilitate the development of the annual Sponsorship Day gathering for all SJEM Institutions.

Consultation and Institutional Interests

Institutional Leadership may contact the SJEM Executive Director for guidance in addressing an institutional issue that impacts its Catholic identity and its Sister of St. Joseph heritage. SJEM will not dictate or direct its institutions in what their responses will be. Rather, through its relationship with each sponsored institution, it will advise guidance that results from careful consideration of both Catholic identity and the spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph and through dialogue as a member body. 

Quick links

  • New Board Member Mission Commitment: For new board members, a reflective examination of how you see, experience, and will contribute to the mission and Catholic identity of the institution which you seek to serve