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Mission to Me: A Student Reflection

Unifying love is not just love of community and neighbor, but also love of God. The CSJs work toward this idea and through their relationships with others, live out Jesus’ greatest commandment.

By doing these things, the CSJs hope for harmony and unity between all things, creating right relationships. It can be understood in four relationships: self with God, neighbor with God, neighbor with neighbor and harmony with the universe.

Students in work clothes in an unfinished room pose for a group photo.
St. Joseph’s Academy students

As a student at St. Joseph Academy, it is inspiring to learn of the history of women who founded our school. The CSJs were strong women and faced many challenges. Their ideas and values were very forward thinking for their time and are still relevant in today’s world. Through their commitment to each other and to their communities, they have helped make impacts on the world around them. Knowing their story has made me want to contribute to my community, be a role model for others and form stronger relationships with people. I no longer want to view the people around me as strangers, but instead neighbors.

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