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STA President’s Message Addressing Racism and Intolerance

Portrait of Dr. Siabhan May-Washington
Dr. Siabhan May-Washington. Photo courtesy of St. Teresa’s Academy.

This week Dr. Siabhan May-Washingon, President of St. Teresa’s Academy, released a message addressing racism and intolerance.

“At St. Teresa’s Academy, we will continue to choose love, not hate. We will choose to accept and appreciate differences, not reject them. We will welcome learning about cultures that are unlike ours, not close our eyes to them. And ultimately, we can choose whether we want to be agents of change, to stand up for and embrace others, and to strive to repair the world. These are but a few of the values we stand for. We aspire to instill in our students the importance of love, respect and inclusion as we lead and teach in times that are often troubling. Life is a journey of learning and growth. We are so grateful to be on this path with you, our STA community, as we guide our young women and work together to make our world a more accepting, safe, loving and welcoming place for everyone.”

Dr. Siabhan May-Washington

Read the full message at St. Teresa’s Academy’s website.

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