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Sponsorship Annual Report

Dear SJEM Sponsored Institution Leaders, 

Each year, SJEM sponsored institutions are asked to provide an annual report asking you and your community to reflect upon and provide evidence of both your Catholic identity and mission/charism being lived out on your campuses. Such an opportunity asks of us to review not only our strengths, but also the spaces and places that we are capable of growing. SJEM asks that you consider, very honestly, aspects for celebration and aspects for attention and possibility. We also hold on to an ongoing desire to know how SJEM can continue to grow in a manner that serves our sponsored institutions in supporting your work of mission and Catholic identity.  

Please respond to each of the following questions in a PDF or Word document. Completed reports can be submitted using the form below; minimum requirement of 3 pages and they should not exceed 8 pages in total for all written content, and although not required, may additionally include the submission of pictures, or other evidence that may support your report. All photos should be submitted in jpeg format and include photo credit and captions. (Please note: all report content, although not comprehensively, will be subject to use for SJEM purposes in our annual report to the Vatican and SJEM newsletters.)

The 2024 deadline for submission is: May 10th

2024 questions for Response:

  1. For the President: In what ways has the mission and charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph been a challenge to personally integrate in your leadership? In what ways do you experience the charism as a gift to your presidency? 
  1. For the Board Chair: How do the board members, as the responsible stewards for both mission and Catholicity, demonstrate the primacy of mission in each facet of your institution? Not “just” in the areas of mission and ministry, but integrated in the more unexpected aspects of campus life, operations and academics?  
  2. Describe the programs provided to the following groups to increase understanding of Catholic Identity, CSJ Heritage and Catholic Social Teaching:  board members, administration, faculty and staff, and students. In what ways could these programs be strengthened and how can SJEM assist or support those efforts?
  3. Provide examples of the application of Catholic Social Teaching on your campus.
  4. Anything new and innovative that you would like to share with SJEM that demonstrates the transformational activities of leadership.
  5. How can SJEM continue to support you? 

Sponsorship Annual Report document upload form