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Barbara Moore, CSJ

Retired nurse and health care worker • Volunteer at Carondelet and serves on various communities

Barbara Moore

Sr. Barbara is a retired professional nurse who has ministered in several healthcare settings; hospitals, academia, comprehensive community health center and as Director of a ten-site Bi-State Federal Initiative to reduce infant mortality and morbidity. Sr. Barbara has spoken many times about her experience at Selma during the Martin Luther King’s walk against racial discrimination. She is an advocate for more diverse equity in the workplace and education field. She currently has a named scholarship at St. Teresa’s Academy to help more diverse students have the opportunity for a CSJ education.

Connection to the CSJs and their sponsored ministries

Sr. Barbara has served on the Board of each of the St. Louis Province sponsored institutions and the Board of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She also serves as an alternate on the CSJs co-sponsored institution Joint Ministry Committee. Recently she has given her time and talents to serve as a member of the St. Joseph Educational Ministry team (SJEM).